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Bucksport Maine – A Must-Visit Place

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Imagine you have a chance to Bucksport, Maine but do not know what to do in this town. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you to breathtaking destinations.

Bucksport Maine is a beautiful and historic town located on the Penobscot River in Hancock County. Spending a vacation exploring this town with your children will not be a waste of time.

While the kids learn about the history, you can enjoy spectacular sceneries from the port and natural landscapes. So please scroll down for more information!

Bucksport Maine – Historical Destinations

As a combination of natural and historical sites, the town welcomes a large number of visitors during the summer season, the majority of which are families hanging out with kids. You may occupy your free time or vacation in this tranquil town by enjoying the antique charm here.

Here are the most-visited ancients sites in Bucksport:

1. Stubborn Cow Glass

Stubborn Cow Glass’ building was once a local bank. Located on the town’s main street today, this building serves as a showroom of local-produced glass items.

The products range from house decorations, jewelry to furniture such as lamps, vases, glasses, and bowls. Moreover, local artisans make each of them uniquely, so one carries its beauty, style, and individual story.

The management board of Stubborn Cow Glass opens glass-making courses for those interested. But only six students are allowed in one class. If you are curious, you may book a class 3 months before its opening ceremony.

Otherwise, the ticket price is on the house; it’s an ideal place to teach your kids about the local glass-art history. You will need to keep children from running since glass artifacts are very fragile.

2. Wilson Hall

bucksport maine

Wilson Hall is the remaining Methodist architecture in Bucksport, Maine. In the 80s, it served as the house of East Maine Conference Seminary, the only seminary in Hancock County.

As time passed, the Wilson Hall was the finest of the two buildings, marking a Greek architecture spot in the town. In 1983, its name was on the list of the National Register of Historic Places.

Located on top of a hill, on the northern side of Franklin Street, Wilson Hall is on the outskirts of Bucksport, in front of McDonald Street. It holds a panorama view of the village, and for those who want to take a deep breath of refreshing air, this might be a wonderful choice.

3. Fort Knox State Park

bucksport maine

Fort Knox State Park has aged over two centuries on the western side of the river of Penobscot, being the oldest building in town. Once traveling here, it feels like you are coming back to the 18th century.

The fort’s construction included granite, granting it a distinct look from other forts of the same era. While the others were built from lumber and earth, the granite construction was rigid and resistant to natural effects.

In history, Fort Knox State Park protected the towns and Penobscot River waterway from foreign naval intruders. The fort has been under strict conservation until now, so everything from the iron cannons to the smallest bricks stays intact.

Bucksport Maine – Natural Landscapes

After the drop-ins at historic sites, it’s time to refresh your mind with breathtaking natural landscapes. Here are the notable choices for your trip:

1. Verona Island

bucksport maine

You can easily travel here by car, following route one from Bucksport land to Waldo-Hancock Bridge. While on the bridge, you will have a chance to marvel at the beauty of the Penobscot River and Bucksport bay.

Verona island is in the center of the shipbuilding port, with nearly unchanged landscapes and nature. Part of the reason for its tranquility was the limited number of tourists; therefore, it might be a must for those in need of composure.

The small town on the island is covered in snow nearly the whole year, so it used to be quite boring. But now, for tourism, there have been gift shops, restaurants, and even a playing field for paddleboarders.

2. Great Pond Mountain Wildlands

The Great Pond Mountain Wildlands, secured inside a nature sanctuary, is a favorite spot for hikers and climbers who love challenging and exploring. This area is a hidden gem since its trailheads have not been marked on the map.

bucksport maine

3. Acadia National Park

bucksport maine

Acadia National Park is the most famous destination in Bucksport. The USA’s natural treasure stays besides Maine’s Atlantic seaboard and the Bar Harbor fishing village.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s true to Acadia National Park. You had better come here at least once in your lifetime. With boundless attractions and fantastic scenery, it’s been a hot spot for visitors for years.


In general, Bucksport, Maine, is a potential place for both kids’ extracurricular and adults’ vacation. Above are some of the notable destinations in Bucksport; otherwise, there are art museums, science stations, marvelous natural wonders, even a green glass for camping.

The spring and summer is the most beautiful time of Bucksport, yet the most crowded as well. If you are planning for some “escaping,” please carefully consider the time. Anyway, we wish you a memorable experience in this wondrous town.

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