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How To Make A Business Selling Cake

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While a better title would have been, ‘how to make a business out of cake’, it may have misled you, and no matter how good your baking skills are, building an entire company out of sponge is probably going to be a stretch.

If you do feel like your baking skills are up to the task of launching you to success via the helm of a lucrative business, then you might be in luck, as it’s certainly possible, particularly in today’s digital world when there are plenty of avenues to explore. For all of you would-be baking business owners and solo cake-making moguls, here are some tips to help you get started.

get your business covered

Get the Right Insurance

Before you start selling your marvelous creations, getting yourself protected in what can be an exceptionally difficult business world is a must.

If you don’t get your business covered, you may end up fizzling out before you ever get a proper chance to launch.

Some good professional liability insurance could keep you covered if you made a mistake and one of your cakes didn’t go down so well, or it ended up harming your client in some way.

This can be financially devastating, especially for startups, so make sure to get yourself some defense.

  • Be sure to check out your local rules and regulations regarding selling food and establishing yourself as a business. Otherwise, you might land yourself in legal trouble!

Perfect Your Product

What exactly are you going to bake? Are they showstoppers worthy of a baking show finale? Perhaps you want to make a range of pleasant little cupcakes – whatever the product, decide on a route and stick to it!

Specializing is what can set you apart from the rest of the competition, and this can be especially important in the early days when you’re trying to establish a name for yourself.

Finding your niche is a must, but if you can’t do this by homing in on a particular type of cake, you could always think about certain events like weddings and then branch out from there.

How to Make a Business Selling Cake

Post Your Pictures

Once you have your creations looking positively beautiful, post them to social media in droves.

They deserve to be seen, and social media is a good way to help them get noticed by a crowd that will one day be your adoring fans.

Establishing a strong social media presence is a good way to start building your brand and letting your cakes speak for themselves through some great pictures.

Build Your Customer Base

After baking your creations for your friends and family for a while, (and getting them to be brand ambassadors) you will likely want to start building a bigger customer base.

Developing a gorgeous and ultra-modern website can help you with this, so don’t hold back on beautifying your online presence to attract your legions of cake supporters.

Find a Good Location

While selling cakes online is doable, nothing beats a good, physical cake store, one you can smell and experience.

Finding the right location to establish your new store can make all the difference, so make sure you do your market research beforehand, and happy baking!

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