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Top 5 Most Respected Universities in New York City

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New York is one of the most inspiring, exciting, and positively electric locations, not only across the length and breadth of the country and beyond but internationally too.

If you are looking to apply to enroll with a university in the city that proverbially never sleeps, then here for your information and, of course, reading pleasure are the top five most respected and prestigious universities in New York City.

1. New York University

The first university on the list is the fantastic New York university itself, with a school color of bright violet and a mascot of a bobcat, and an annual original Strawberry Festival every year.

There is a myriad of different reasons to choose to apply for a place at New York University, so if this sounds like your perfect place to study, then see “How to get into NYU” at CampusReel.org.

2. Cornell University

The pioneering Cornell university is the next prestigious academic institution on the list, and as the first Ivy League college or university to finally begin to admit women (in early 1970), Cornell broke the trend and recognized equality across both genders.

Cornell University, interestingly enough, was also the birthplace of the humble chicken nugget by student Robert Baker, and if you want to join the ranks of this mightily-respected university alumni, you should get started on your application sooner rather than later.

3. Columbia University

One of the most important locations for research in the entirety of the United States, an acceptance letter for a place at New York’s Columbia University would certainly be a highly honored one to receive.

With the very first graduating class at Columbia University only consisting of five students, the institution has an extremely high respectability rating amongst professors across all universities, both in the United States and farther afield, and was actually one of the original nine colleges chartered in the first American colonies.

4. University of Rochester

The penultimate, top-ranking university on the list is the famed University of Rochester.

The University of Rochester is not only an excellent location to strengthen and widen your knowledge and practical experience within your chosen specific area of study, but also, for the Harry Potter fans amongst you, you may well be excited to learn that there is actually a fully-teamed Quidditch tournament played here each and every year.

5. Fordham University

Finally, a much lesser-known yet highly respected university located in the state of New York is that of Fordham University.

Fordham University was founded in 1841 and has the school color of deep maroon, a ram as its mascot, and fascinatingly has the oldest Division one gymnasium in the entire nation. Whether you are a particular fan of the man or not, another interesting fact about the history and alumni surrounding Fordham University is that ex-President Donald Trump attended Fordham University before graduating from the University of Pennsylvania at a later date.

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