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Dorm Room Ideas For College Students

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George Morgan
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A few years back I was looking around at a few college dorm rooms for my own daughter’s nursery. It was an amazing space! It even had a full-time janitor, that did the cleaning! It was perfect! I couldn’t wait to get going with the rest of my dorm room ideas.

But, as we were talking about this space, I had a thought. Why not create our own dorm room ideas? There are so many I think, but here are just a few.

For my first dorm room idea, I decided to give each of us a wall color. If I had one big color, it would have been a great light green. This would have been great because it would have been easy to match with the walls. I would have also been able to paint one wall in light green and one in another color. The problem with this wall color is it may cause us to mix it up and have two different colors in the same room. We never did find a way to put two different colors next to each other without it being distracting.

I know some people are good at matching colors, but others aren’t. So, we would either have two different sets of colors or a sheet on the wall that had different pictures of what we were looking at. You could even do a little experiment on what color you wanted the top of your wardrobe to be. If you were having a black and white bathroom, then you would want your bottom wardrobe to be black as well. Another idea is to go with a lighter shade of one color and a darker shade of another color. Or go with a light green over a gray color.

The next dorm room ideas that I am going to give you are a few that I have tried in the past. First, you will want to think about a unique wallpaper. If you have nice board paper that is faded and molding, then you may want to consider trying to find some wall color that will compliment this board paper. You can even take that molding and paint it a darker color than what it currently is.

Another idea that I have seen that has worked out really well is choosing light wall color and painting a dark wall a bright color. If you have a light-colored dorm room, you will want to try and find some light fabric that you can put throw pillows on. Then you can layer the light fabric over the darker fabric. This can add a unique look to your dorm room.

Something else that I would really like to get into is hanging up some pictures of your favorite hobbies. It may not be feasible to actually have a picture hung on the wall, but you can frame a picture of something that you absolutely love and use it as your wall hanging. Just make sure that you change the picture every year!

These are just a few of the dorm room ideas that I have had the most success with. Just be creative with it and do whatever it takes to make your dorm rooms look appealing. Remember that the wall is where you are going to display your art; therefore, it is very important to choose a color that will compliment your artwork. Also, remember that some of these decorations can double as storage closets so make sure that they can fit in with your other decorations. Lastly, make sure that you purchase a few extra pillows in the dorm rooms because after all, you never know when you may need them! All of these dorm room ideas will help you get a nice-looking dorm.

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