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Uping Your Dining Experience – At Home!

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While the pandemic has caused so many hardships in human life all over the globe, one positive impact that has come out of it is that people have been forced to rediscover and rejuvenate their love for cooking. For several months it became virtually impossible to get ready-made food or go and eat out. It quickly became more apparent that the lost skill of home dining was absolutely necessary. However, proper dining from home requires more than a simple meal prep. This post will give you an insight into some of the techniques you may use to improve your dining experience right from your home. These simple techniques will allow you to bring the fancy restaurant experience right into your home. Tag along!

Plan the menu beforehand

It is no news that the major reason why most Brits go out to restaurants for meals is the quality of food. You will be surprised that an average person goes out on an average of 63 times a year which speaks on how we love eating out. In a bid to up your dining experience at home, it is important to cook something special for your loved ones. However, if the budget is tight, look for ways of getting the most out of what you have at the moment. For instance, instead of going for premium cuts, slow cooking methods will allow you to get the most out of the regular cuts that are laden with flavour. Also if you want to try out something exotic, for example, the chicken katsu curry, there is an easy-to-follow recipe that will allow you to enjoy some Japanese twist to your regular chicken curries right from your home.

Dress the table

If you are looking to replicate the restaurant experience at home, then you have to make sure your dining area also looks the part. You will be surprised how this simple hack will change how to look at home dining. You don’t have to invest in luxury linen, rather, go for a colourful dressing and revamp your set. The whole process of revamping your dining experience begins in the mind. You will soon realize that the only difference between your favourite restaurant tables and the one in your house is the table cloth. Also, be sure to place the necessary cutlery the right way on the table. Get a few daisies from the garden and break out those fancy, new wine glasses that you just got.

Set the ambiance

Other than relishing the nice meals, one other thing that we love about eating out is the relaxing ambiance, Right from the lighting to the choice of music everything just comes together nicely. For a proper dining experience at home, you are better off going for the music that goes with your vibes, there are no rules here, whether you go for slow jazz music or soft romantic songs, the choice is entirely up to you. Also remember that lighting is as important as the music, this is not the time for your kitchen overhead lamp. Get the long white candles out of the box and set the mood right. If you have a fireplace, then it is time to keep the fire going. The cracking sound of the fire is so comforting, especially over dinner with your family. With the right music, just the right light, and the comforting cracks of the fire, you will immediately transport into the fancy restaurant you have always been planning to go to.

Set the ambiance

I get it, there is no specific occasion to get dressed for so getting out of your comfortable pyjamas will be a huge ask. However, remember, pyjamas have no place especially in your dream restaurant. Well, I don’t mean going all out in high heels or a full tuxedo for gents, but make an extra effort and dress in something you would go to restaurants in. This will go a long way in making it feel like a proper occasion.

Cheating is allowed

Again, there are no rules when it comes to giving yourself the best dining experience right from your home. If the whole idea of cooking three meals doesn’t sit well with you, there are plenty of restaurants that offer takeouts. You may decide to cook one or two meals and order the rest from the restaurant. Meanwhile, you can focus on setting the other things in order, for instance, making sure the ambiance and the fireplace are in place. Remember, this is about giving yourself and your family a good dining experience at home, whatever does that for you should be included in the process.


Finally, any proper dining experience is not complete without the right drinks to cap off the experience. The good thing is that you can create a happy life right in your living room with friends. If alcohol is not in the plan, getting the right wine to light up the moment will do your experience a great service. Stick to the budget, you don’t have to break the bank. You shouldn’t spend more than five quid of what you would regularly spend.

Keep the good time going

Begin by ditching your phones for a few hours and enjoy the company of those who are around you. This will make the moment extra special as you bond over small talk and laughter. Also don’t spoil the moment by hoping to wash the dishes immediately, put them away until later.


Getting the home dining experience is not rocket science, it is possible if you know the right things to do. There are no rules that are cast in stone, feel free to improvise and improve on what works specifically for you. During this period of uncertainty, spending quality time with our loved ones over a decent meal right from our homes can make this difficult time more bearable. We hope that these tips will help you improve your home dining experience as you spread love to the people who are closest to you!

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