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Asian Table Shower Massage – A Simple Treatment For You

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Today, many grown-ups go to a massage parlor to relieve themselves of stress and anxiety, especially to help their hurting and tired muscles after a long day of work. Many Asian spas provide an Asian table shower massage as an easy way to cleanse and soothe the body.

Although it can be misunderstood due to sensual undertones, an Asian massage with a table shower will satisfy you and forget about daily worries.

Without further ado, let us show you the process and the benefits of table showers massage. Dive in!

What Is A Table Shower?

A table shower, also known as a Vichy shower or rain massage, is a series of showerheads attached to an extended metal rod. On top of the rod, the bar hangs above the waterproof massage table.

Asian table showers are commonly used in spas with other massage treatments such as salt scrubs. It is excellent for relieving stress, anxiety, and physical pain in the mind and body.

How Does A Table Shower Work?

The clients will be instructed to lie down on their stomach in the beginning. Then, water is splashed all over the body to cleanse the skin and open pores. The masseuse will move the water bar and direct the water streams on the shower table to specific body parts with the client’s directions.

During the table shower massage, the therapist may choose handheld showerheads, adjust the water temperature, water pattern of movements, and other options for a better experience.

The Asian Water Table Process


Before entering the private wet room, you have to remove your clothes, so leave all your belongings in a locker. If you’re too shy to be naked, you can ask the staff to give you a towel to cover your private parts. Because of hygienic purposes, you will be asked to bathe carefully to get rid of dirt and sweat.

Step 1: Backwashing

First, lie comfortably with your face down on a table shower, and then the masseuse turns on the showerheads. They will adjust the water temperature depending on your preference. Normally, warm water will be used in this stage.

Once your back gets wet and moisturized, they will apply body scrub or salts scrub to your back, which helps remove dead skin and make it cleaner.

Step 2: Turning over

After your back is cleaned, turn over to the front. The same procedure is performed over the front half of your body, except for your face and hair. It also requires you to turn to the sides to ensure that the water reaches all over your body.

Step 3: Aligning with Chakras

Some showerheads in Asian spas are designed to align with your body’s seven chakras. Each chakra links to an energy center in your spine. The water activates it by cleaning your aura and energy field. If you believe in chakra alignment, you should get this procedure done to remove toxins from your body.

Five main benefits of using Asian table shower massage

So after the treatments, what will you get? It’s not about healing your whole body physically but also mentally. Let’s check out all the benefits below!

Improving blood circulation

The combination of hot and cold water can naturally improve your body’s circulation. Hot water at the start expands your blood vessels as well as cold water strengthens them. This can deliver oxygen faster to every corner of your body.

Pain relief

Table shower massage has been reported to help with migraines, headaches, menstrual cramps, arthritis, and other mild to severe pain. This could be because better blood circulation reduces inflammation, which helps cure common types of pain.

Relaxing the body

Massage table shower therapy takes relaxation to a new level by combining hydrotherapy with frequent kneading.

You will undoubtedly relax and enjoy yourself while the masseuse massages you with pressured water. Water has a cleansing impact on the body and psyche when utilized in massage therapy. After the session, you will feel rejuvenated and purified.

Healing mental health

Table shower massage not only reduces your physical pain but also heals your mental health. A full Asian table shower massage relieves stress from your mind, bringing a relaxing sense of positivity to both your body and mind.

Detoxifying skins

Hot water can also help you open your pores and remove oil, dirt, and bacteria under your skin. As mentioned, the masseuse will use salts to scrub and cleanse your whole body.


With many benefits and the simplicity of the treatment, Asian table shower massage is increasingly becoming well-known. So why don’t you go and try at least one? Maybe it will become your frequent treatment after working hard.

Thank you for reading!

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