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What Kills Spiders And Keeps Them Away?

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If there is a spider in your home, consider whether to kill it or not. Most spiders are helpful and harmless as they prey on mosquitoes and flies. In addition, they do not spread diseases to people.

However, spiders may cause you trouble if there are many spiders in your house. For those having arachnophobia, it is necessary to learn what kills spiders and keeps them away.

This article shows you the effective ways to kill spiders and remove them from your house.

What Kills Spiders And Keeps Them Away?

What To Kill Spiders?

You hate spiders, and you want them to disappear constantly. You can take the following suggestions for reference.

Spraying Insecticide

When there are many spiders in different corners of your house or areas surrounding your house, spray insecticide on all these corners and areas. The insecticide is powerful enough to kill spiders at different stages of life.

Note that you should keep your children away from these sprayed areas as an insecticide is harmful to them.

Squishing Spiders

You can deal with spiders if you are bold enough by squishing them. Grab a spider with a tissue and squish them. Another way is to smash a spider with a shoe.

Using Pest Control Bombs

If you look for an effective method to kill spiders in a large area, a pest control bomb can help. The bomb will spray insecticide in all corners of the house and kill all spiders there.

Put a bomb or a forger and close all the windows and doors in your house. When using the bomb, get out of your house. Different types of pest control bombs will need a different amount of time to be effective. 

Go back to your house when the bomb has done its job. Pets are sensitive to insecticides so remember to keep them out of the house.

Using Vacuum

One of the convenient ways to kill spiders or their egg sacs (especially jumping spiders) is to use a vacuum. A powerful vacuum will yield a better result. It is advisable to remove the vacuum bag after you vacuum up spiders or egg sacs.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Them?

Although insecticides and bleach can bring you the effect at once, they do have side effects for people, especially children or pets. The insecticides can bring you the best result at the moment, but they can not ensure that the spiders will never come back.

So we will mention some natural ways so that you can get rid of spiders in the long run. The natural ways also benefit your small children or pets.


Mint is considered a natural pest repellent. It is also an effective way to prevent spiders from entering your house.

First, mix the mint essential oil with water. Then spray the mixture to every area in your house. This way makes spiders stay away from your house and leave your house with a minty fresh smell.

Additionally, you can plant the mint leaves on the entryways or put the dried mint leaves in the kitchen cupboard, which also takes supplementary effect.

White vinegar

Another method for spider control is to use white vinegar. Its acetic acid can give out the odors that spiders are sensitive to. Add the vinegar to water in a spray bottle, then spray the solution to wanted areas like the kitchen or bathroom.


You can use citrus as an alternative way for the white vinegar to get rid of spiders. Put a bowl of citrus fruit on the kitchen counter or rub the citrus peels into doorways or window sills then no spider can disturb you.


Cedar is well-known as a repellent for moths, but it also helps deter spiders. Place cedar wood blocks or cubes near your house, like in the garden. It is also easy to buy them at stores.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous is non-toxic but strong to deal with spiders. The white powder

contains silica which can absorb the moisture of pests. The spiders then dehydrate and die.

It is simple to use the powder. Sprinkle it around corners where you see spiders. If you are worried about inhaling the dust from the process, you can try to mix it with water. Then spray the mixture into the corner, which also works. Notice that you should buy the diatomaceous earth with a food-grade label.

Horse Chestnuts

Chestnuts are demonstrated as a great way to repel spiders. Putting some fresh nuts in some baseboards or window sills can prevent spiders from hanging there. The nuts have been fresh for quite a long time, so you do not need to replace them constantly.

Organize Your House

Cluttered or dark spaces can attract spiders to live in. Occasionally tidying and reorganizing your storage areas is a good practice to hinder spiders.

Spiders tend to make homes in empty boxes, firewood, cardboard, or plywood. If you have too many empty boxes, consider discarding unnecessary ones.

Tidy Up The Exterior Space

A garden can help you create a green space for your family and bring your family health benefits. However, it can increase the likelihood that spiders enter your house if you forget to tidy up frequently.

Remember to trim weeds, prune bushes, and keep the garden free of leaves or wood plies that will prevent the spiders.

Caulk Cracks

A crack can be ideal for a spider to make a home. For spider prevention, check window sills or door openings to see whether there are cracks. If there is a crack, apply caulk to this.

Final Thoughts

You find the answer: What kills spiders and keeps them away, right? It is a personal preference to decide whether using natural methods or insecticides suits better for your situation.

Whichever choice you make, we hope that you can select the best solution when dealing with spiders.

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