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Drinking One Gallon Of Water A Day – What Can You Expect?

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You can work quite hard, in particular online, and do quite well independently, but if you really want to grow you need points of leverage and most of them come from knowing people.

You know the feeling of needing to do more to attain healthier skin. Like how you ponder on how athletes, celebrities, models meet and sustain their fitness and shape goals!

What are they doing that you are not doing? Yes, that feeling!

Well, I get such feelings and thoughts all day. I want to look great with flushed skin. Don’t we all?

And my efforts were futile until I came across how one gallon of water a day can be the difference.

I know you’re rolling your eyes about now. I did the same too. But, I thought, why not give water a try? Besides, it’s a natural and cheap source. Moreover, what do I have to lose?


Well, I eventually dumped my doubting Thomas and started drinking one gallon of water daily. And this article contains the benefits I discovered.

Before we delve into “how water helped my fitness and weight loss goals”, let’s do a recap on the abilities of this awesome liquid.

Drinking a gallon of water a day

How Come Drinking One Gallon Of Water A Day Helps?

You have probably heard that water does a lot. If you haven’t, well, it does. And here are the two primary reasons for that:

Our Body Contains Water

Naturally, water is one of the primary contents of our body. Our cells and organs lie in a liquid medium. And we constantly use the supply up – especially on sunny days.

Now, imagine your smartphone without internet or power! What use is it? You can’t check your social media feeds nor read your emails!

In the same way, our body performs below par without water. In other words, our bodily function (chiefly metabolism) goes AWOL. When that happens, our fitness goals and even efforts will go futile.

In essence, water is fundamental to us.

The All-in-one Aid For The Body

Our cells and organs don’t just lie in water. Water does more for them than housing.

For a start, water acts as a protector. For example, it shields the spine against abrasion and tears. Also, it forms a protective layer around delicate organs such as the brain.

Secondly, water is a coordinator. Here is the point that it acts as a driver for our fitness goals. Without water, the waste that clogs our gut, liver, and kidney will hinder our efforts.

But thanks to water, the “unwanteds” get out of our system. At that point, whatever exercise we do, we will achieve optimum results.

Enough of the recap, let’s talk about the results!

Drinking a gallon of water a day

In What Ways Did Drinking One Gallon Of Water A Day Help Me?

Weight Loss

Hey! I am not telling you to stop your ketos or fasting. Please, continue! Water, by itself, won’t help you lose weight.

From my end, I noticed the bane to my weight loss inadequacies: excessive craving. Regardless of my “timetabled” feeding pattern, I always end up eating more than enough.

Good news: drinking one gallon of water daily has curved my cravings. Now, I have less appetite outside my brown rice and sauce.

In particular, I got rid of cravings for snacks, junks, and sweets. Thanks to that, my fasting and keto efforts are finally becoming visible.

Flushed Skin

I have to admit that I could hardly spot any change in my skin. But the evidence eventually came at about the third week of drinking one gallon of water daily. How so?

For a start, I have tons of dry patches and fine lines on my face. I would have preferred not to be another Dr. Stephens Strange wearing wrinkles. But hecks, I couldn’t help it!

But thanks to water and exercise, my face suffers fewer patches now. Also, my fine lines have disappeared.

As it turned out, the reason I suffer wrinkles on my skin and face is dehydration. Fortunately, my gallon-of-a-water-daily hack helped restore hydration.

Bye To Drowsiness

I get that “afternoons” are best friends with tardiness. Yet, I hate how they tank my productivity. I couldn’t complete the work on my plate.

Drinking a gallon of water a day

However, since my “one gallon of water” practice, I’ve seen improvements. Now, I complete my task in line with the assigned schedule. How so?

Water has helped me increase the energy level that dehydration has kept low. Another critical issue it resolved for me was fatigue. Now, I work better during the day and sleep longer and better.

Truth be told: it wasn’t easy, sticking to some water schedule. The most strenuous part is the measurement: how do I ensure that I stick to one gallon of water a day?

Watch Bethany try out Drinking a Gallon of Water Everyday for a Week !!!

The Challenges That I Faced While Drinking One Gallon Of Water A Day

It Was A Boring Activity

I could easily talk up the sweet deals, but that would be a hoax. Besides, there is a reason we don’t take enough water daily to start.

And when we try to change a routine, it’s always hard. Sticking to the new daily water intake is no different.

The worse part: water is not sweet. It is just some no-taste liquid. Imagine gulping down on all that “tastelessness”! Mind you: one gallon of water is about 3.79litres.

So, yes, at the start of the routine, it was boring. After week 1, however, it became better. And when I started noticing the change in my energy level and skin, I couldn’t stop.

Sticking To The Measurements Was Hell

Even with the benefits that I derived from drinking one gallon of water daily, I couldn’t get around the measurements. Worst part: how many days should I stick to the plan?

I read different plans online. There were the 30-day and even 75-day options. And I started wondering which was better.

Eventually, I stuck to a 4litre container. Then, I reduce the water content to about a quartz off. That way, I was able to meet the 3.79l requirement.

And about the plan (the days), I settled on the 30-day. It has been effective for me. I think I will start the 75-day soon.

Will you like to join me?

Final Thoughts

Drinking one gallon of water a day, undoubtedly, does wonder to the body. It aids metabolism and brain activity. The combination of such functions then helps us to reach our fitness goals.

Indeed, the process could be hectic at the beginning. But I can tell you it’s all worth it. You can also give water a try – as I did.

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