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Key Things to Know About the Island Sweet Skunk

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Island Sweet Skunk is a weed strain created in Canada by the Federation Seed Company. This strain is famous for its energy-boosting capabilities. It is also known as Sweet Island Skunk. Once harvested, it can be processed into oil, wax, or edibles and sold to consumers. There is a version of Island Sweet Skunk that has CBD which is popular among medicinal users. It can be used to improve your mood, treat muscle and chronic pain, among other medical uses. For new users, it is advisable to take a lower dose of the Sweet Skunk Strain initially because you can easily get too high. This article highlights the key things to know about Island Sweet Skunk.

Aroma and Appearance

Island Sweet Skunk has both a sweet grapefruit aroma and a sweet skunk smell. The two contrasting scents work well together to create a great experience for the Island Sweet Skunk lovers. When you smell the Island strain, you will immediately be greeted by a citrusy smell. This smell is from the terpene limonene found in citrus fruits. The appearance of this strain is also slightly different. The plants are relatively tall and can grow up to six feet. The buds are mint green in color with yellow pistils. They are well compacted, and when harvested properly, they give all the benefits of this strain.

Flavor and Taste

Island Sweet Skunk has a creamy smoke that leaves sweetness and a hit of fruity flavors. The sweet taste attracts a lot of people to this strain. The terpenes give off the smell and flavor. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the sellers are preserved so that you have the full experience. Also, you should purchase your products from reputable companies like Cannaflower to be sure of quality products. To know more about this product, you can read the Island Sweet Skunk Strain review to learn the benefits and uses.


Apart from the citrus taste and smell, which will leave you feeling happier, the Island Sweet Skunk strain fills your body with a euphoric feeling. You will feel very relaxed and energetic at the same time. Island Sweet Skunk will also give you motivation and leave you feeling great. For those users who have lost their appetite, this strain will increase it and leave you craving delicious food. This strain is known for elevating one’s mood and getting rid of negative thoughts. To experience these effects, it is important to buy the products from a reputable supplier.

Medicinal Uses

Island Sweet Skunk can be used to treat anxiety and depression. With a prescription for such conditions, you can use the sweet skunk strain to reduce and eventually cure anxiety issues. People who experience immense fatigue can also use it to relax and reduce the stress and tension associated with work. Island Sweet Skunk has been proven to relieve the symptoms of those suffering from chronic pain, whether back pain, headaches, or even muscle ache. The benefits of the Island Sweet Skunk strain prove that it is the best strain to use for the mentioned uses.

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