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Anglophile? How To Have A London-Themed Business Party!

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London is well known as one of the major global centers for commerce. As well as being a major world financial hub, with the London Stock Exchange situated centrally in the sprawling metropolis, it is also a center of culture. There is a wealth of cultural attractions from the Natural History Museum to the Tate Modern along with hundreds of privately run art galleries. There are world famous landmarks such as the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and the House of Commons where the government reside. Old fashioned public phone boxes and big red double-decker buses are recognized across the world as hallmarks of London life. If you are a business owner and want to recreate the excitement and culture of London for corporate events why not consider holding a London-themed business party? In this article, three ways to get an authentic London experience for your business party will be discussed.

Travel Like a Londoner

One key feature of London’s urban landscape is the many black cab taxis that take businesspeople to and from their meetings and provide evening transport for London’s exciting nightlife. Black cabs are an integral part of the transport infrastructure of England’s capital city and are recognized around the world, becoming a tourist attraction in their own right. If you have a big budget for your corporate event or business party, why not purchase a genuine London black cab to take your business guests to the party by searching online for a black cab for sale. Nothing beats arriving at a London-themed business party in a black cab for a truly authentic touch that is guaranteed to delight your colleagues.

Food, Drinks, and Decorations

If you want your business party to have all the hallmarks of London living there are some great ways to achieve this in the food, drinks, and decorations that you provide for your guests. In terms of the food, one great idea is to start the meal with the theme of “afternoon tea.” Wealthy Londoners have enjoyed afternoon tea for hundreds of years and consist of a selection of delicious sandwiches and cakes that are served to guests. In addition, nothing could be more British than a cup of tea and this complements the sandwiches and cakes perfectly. For true authenticity opt for high-quality tea such as Twining’s which is a firm favorite with Londoners. To decorate the tables and function room, put Union Flags around the party area and, for guests who like an alcoholic drink or two, traditional drinks for Londoners include Bells whisky and Gordons Gin.

Get the Music Right

A London-themed business party is not complete without a suitable soundtrack to London life. England has been blessed by a wealth of musical talent across the decades and is rightly renowned as a creative hotbed of talented musicians and world-famous bands from the Rolling Stones to Blur. Make a London-themed music mix for a truly authentic touch. Examples of music for your London-themed soundtrack could include “London Calling” by The Clash, Parklife by Blur, and Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks. With the music, food and transport sorted you are free to party like a true Londoner.

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