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What to Look For In Outdoor Security Cameras

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Installing security cameras is the first step we tend to take when it comes to taking any security measures for our home. Why is that? It is because it provides proof for you to watch over your home, and with Smart Cameras, you can watch over your home from quite literally anywhere.

Smart Cameras are your best bet at outdoor security cameras. They connect to the home Wi-Fi, allowing it to sync to our mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and unlock a plethora of features that come in very handy. They are available in different models suitable for indoors as well as outdoors.

There are certain features, however, and quite important ones that you must consider before purchasing an outdoor security camera whether it is of the Smart cam category or not. Read below.

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Essential features to look out for in an outdoor security camera

1. Video Feed Access

Of course, all security cameras have a video feed that can be viewed, but with the standard security camera, there is usually a small monitor-like screen set up somewhere in a corner for you to watch the camera’s live video feed. However, with smart cameras, things are much better in terms of convenience and quality.

Smart camera video feeds are in HD quality and are available through mobile applications, which makes them accessible from practically anywhere. You could be at work or in another city and watch over your property with the help of your smartphone. Get real-time alerts whenever any movement is detected in the video while you’re away, so you can rewind and watch the video clip to see what you missed.

2. Night Vision

Not all security cameras sport night vision. Some make it tougher or have a black and white contrasted image that isn’t exactly clear enough. Smart security cameras, apart from their crystal clear HD quality video feed, also feature night vision, and in color might we add. A salient feature that is quite useful to watch over your home or your property after dark.

3. Sound

The sound wasn’t exactly something that was part of security cameras previously. With time they have evolved to include sound with the video feed, taking security up by a notch. Always look for a security camera that includes audio and sound. And if you want to be extra careful, with some extra dollars to spare, then invest in smart outdoor security cameras. These smart cams feature two-way audio, with a built-in microphone and speaker – meaning people from both ends of the camera can communicate easily.

4. Ability to Withstand Weather Conditions

Security cameras are electronics at the end of the day, and how useful can they really be if they cannot withstand weather conditions? Thunderstorms, dust storms tend to occur on annual basis across the US, and with global warming who knows what we’re in for in the future? A camera that is built weatherproof is one worth buying even if it may be pricier than the other.

Suggestion: Google Nest Cam for Outdoors

A great device that we would suggest, that is ideal for outdoor security is the Google Nest Cam. Packed with features including HD video, night vision, mobile alerts, and two-way audio, stay up to date with live updates as you go about your day.

The Nest Cam is easy to install by ourselves, and is set up via the Google Home app. Plus, with a subscription to Nest Aware, unlock some brilliant features including facial recognition! Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get an alert on your phone that your friend Steve is at the door? The Nest Cam also includes Cloud storage for you to save your video footage of up to several hours, to view later if ever necessary.

Outdoor Security Cameras are a great help when it comes to home security, so why not invest in those that actually offer the most with their extensive list of useful features? Investing in Smart Cameras for outdoor security is obviously ideal given the technology they have, and the convenience they bring with them. Keep your home safe with Smart Cameras. Find them now on First Energy Home’s website www firstenergyhome com.

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